What does a copywriter do?

Full-time or casual, in Polish or in a foreign language, short texts or essays leading to the confirmation of a thesis – these are just some words describing the daily work of copywriters. Few people know that it is thanks to them that they have reached their favourite shop or found an interesting blog. What is copywriting and what do copywriters do for you?

Zadania copywritera

In short, it is a person who writes texts for hire. What form are they? The most varied. From the simplest preclassified texts, which do not need to have a lot of content value, to specialist articles that could easily be part of a magazine.

However, the work of a copywriter is more than that. Above all, the texts written have a purpose. They help to position the pages in the Google ranking and thus make them easier to reach when keywords are typed into the search engine. A good text should have a well thought-out structure. Headlines and leads are important. More often than not, these are what succeed in attracting the reader, who can then click on the anchor keyword and go to the landing page. This is how you create traffic for your website to climb to the top of the search engine rankings.

Copywriting and content marketing

Any company that is serious about positioning itself must use an online advertising campaign. In this day and age, it is the most powerful medium and it is hard to imagine someone ‘not’ on the internet.

One way to run an online campaign is through content marketing. It consists of creating content, blogs, guides or e-books that offer useful knowledge and tips. This is a direction that more and more companies are taking, seeing that consumers are now only interested in high-quality information. In this way, the impression of an expert can be created, thereby attracting undecided customers.

SEO Copywriting

Is another type of service that a marketing agency can offer. In this case, it is usually a matter of preparing texts which do not have to be particularly rich in specialised content, but are interesting enough that the recipient will read the text and pay attention to the keywords. In this way, the copywriter is able to write a larger number of texts, which can then be used to prepare back-end blogs. This is one of the most commonly used methods of building traffic to target websites. In this way, more emphasis is placed on the likelihood of a keyword being clicked on than actually on the specific content.

In conclusion, working as a copywriter can be an interesting and developing occupation that gives good money. It is certainly one of the best options for students and people looking for an extra source of income. Who knows… Maybe a real passion for writing will be born out of a mere casual occupation?