How to furnish a home office?

An office should be designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is no room for superfluous decoration in the office, and care should be taken with the colour scheme – after all, we will be spending an average of eight hours a day in this room. It is important to create an interior conducive to creative thinking, allowing you to concentrate and plan your activities calmly.

Which furniture to choose for the office?

There are many possibilities for arranging a study, but the most important thing will be to strive for an interior that is functional and comfortable. There must be an ergonomic desk and a comfortable chair. You will also need furniture to store various documents, books, accessories and office equipment. Recommended are chests of drawers, bookcases, glass display cases, wooden wardrobes, coffee tables and chairs. The desk should not only be comfortable, but also elegant; sectional models work well. The desk has to be large enough to provide sufficient working space. If sitting for long periods of time, an ergonomic chair with adjustable seat height and armrests is essential. It is advisable to choose a swivel model with castors. Choose from leather or upholstered armchairs, and you can count on a wide range of colours. The armchair should, of course, be stylistically matched to the desk. It is also important to have a separate area for receiving clients, guests and employees. Sofas, armchairs, benches or a low table will be useful in the pool area.

How can the office be arranged?

More and more people are choosing to furnish their study in a modern style, which is great for open-plan interiors. Solid oak furniture, which is extremely durable and elegant, will be welcome. It is worth betting on an asymmetrical arrangement of shelves and drawers, glazed wooden display cabinets, modern furniture with illuminated space. A cabinet in the industrial style, which resembles the interior of an old factory or production plant, also looks interesting. Furnish the interior with furniture that resembles workbenches with drawers. Solid spruce wood combined with metal will work well. Chests and display cabinets can be glazed with raw glass. Black steel fittings, solid furniture with steel legs fit in perfectly with the décor.