How to become a customs agent?

When looking for a new job, it is easy to come across advertisements from companies that are looking for a customs agent. There is no denying that these are very attractive offers, mainly due to the wages offered. Not surprisingly, many people wonder who a customs agent is, what his or her tasks and duties are and, above all, how to become one. So what does it look like in detail?

What are the duties of a customs agent?

So, as you can see from the above description, not everyone can become a customs agent. The requirements are quite substantial, mainly in terms of the knowledge needed to perform the day-to-day duties. But what are the specific duties? What does a customs agent do on a daily basis?

The main task he/she has is to control the documents that cross the border and that are delivered to the company in question. Furthermore, the customs agent prepares customs documentation, inspects the transported goods for their legality and the manner in which they are transported, and prevents smuggling. Finally, it is worth mentioning that he carries out all the activities that are part of the customs service from start to finish.

How does one become a customs agent?

The basic thing to bear in mind when you want to become a customs agent is to obtain registration in the list of customs agents. In order for this to happen, one must first of all demonstrate full legal capacity. Furthermore, it is necessary to have relevant experience or education acquired through education, in other words qualifications. In other words, if you want to become a customs agent, you need a degree in law, economics or administration. Very importantly, however, postgraduate studies in the above-mentioned fields are often sufficient. In the case of non-degree studies in this field, candidates for customs agent must demonstrate relevant experience, usually including three years of work related to customs matters.

A person who applies for a job as a customs agent, in addition to having the relevant diploma or work experience, must not have a final conviction. A clean criminal record is absolutely essential in this case and its absence will disqualify a candidate.

If all the relevant documents are presented, there is nothing left to do but to await entry into the list of customs agents. This decision is issued by the Director of the Tax Administration Chamber and has no more than 120 days from the date of receipt of the application.