Fashion and jewellery trends in Malta

A trip to Malta can be an unforgettable experience. This culturally-rich country has gained worldwide acclaim due to its natural landscapes, the friendliness of its citizens, and its excellent cuisine. Most of the tourists, however, are rather unaware of the less-known Maltese treasures, like its history of jewelry-making and its unique fashion culture. Let’s take a closer look at these fascinating topics, as well as the contemporary trends inspired by them!

Maltese fashion trends – where tradition meets modernity

Malta has always been famous for its traditional garments, which are still popular among locals, especially during cultural events and festivals. The most famous Maltese traditional clothing is called a ‘għonnella,’ which is a long robe-like garment with a kind of hood, originally made from silk. Today’s younger Maltese reinterpret and revise this tradition, often choosing to pair it with a more casual outfit.

When it comes to the colours popular in Malta, lots of the traditional clothes are rather dark or black, but the popularity and practicality of using bright colours also can be seen. Bright and bold colors are popular, especially during the summer months. There are a lot of colorful dresses, shirts, and skirts on the streets of Malta!

Given the warm climate, linen and cotton fabrics are preferred. They’re almost never worn just plain – Maltese people love to accessorize! statement accessories such as jewellery, hats, and sunglasses are popular choices, along with woven bags, a mandatory accessory for the summer.

Jewellery trends in Malta – gold, filigree and pearls

Jewellery-making is an extremely long tradition for humans in general, but Maltese history makes a particularly great example of this statement. The earlier jewellery findings in this area are from the Neolithic times! We may very well conclude that the beauty and intricacy of modern Maltese jewellery prove that craftsmen in these parts of the world must have been given special talents to create awe.

The famous Maltese jewellers have been constantly refining their craftsmanship through the centuries, resulting in a wide and varied tradition of making gold and silver filigree earrings, brooches, bracelets, rings, and decorations. Contemporary Maltese are continuously inspired by the stunning, labyrinthine designs from the recent and distant past. This is a major trend in the jewellery craft of the region, apparent in the haute couture projects as well as in the daily jewellery choices of the women living in Malta.

We may also expect from such a deeply religious country a wide range of devotional jewellery, traditional and modern alike. And indeed, the pendants with crosses and religious symbols are universally popular there, though the younger population likes to respectfully reinterpret them, putting their own unique touches on the time-honored tradition. Of course, the most popular cross jewellery motif is a Maltese Cross – we can find it on everything, from pendants to cufflinks.

Another strong trend employed by Maltese jewellers is the use of gemstones and pearls. P. Coral, turquoise, and agate are some of the gemstones that are commonly used there, along with the most delicate and unique pearls. All these trends make for a fascinating picture of a colourful country with an interesting history and a vibrant community that certainly knows its style!