Well, what’s there to write in the first entry of a blog that’s part of a project you have been working on for about a year and that embeds so many ideas, opinions and topics that you don’t know where to start? QUOTE.fm is currently in its closed beta phase. Contrary to many opinions, this is not (exclusively) a way of creating a cheap marketing gag and artificial shortage, but about us wanting to do possibly everything right. We don’t want to start anything that looks like crap, works like crap or hits the wall as soon as more than 1000 people are visiting it. We try to make it right, or at least as we imagine it being “right”. In fact, we’re neither a big, evil company that wants to steal and sell your data, nor do we want to make easy money by selling the whole business as quickly as possible.

We are three boys, all in their early twenties, who would like to offer a product that provides an added value. Not the 5000th network that lets you show pretty pictures to your friends, but something that, in our opinion, has been missing before: A network in which you can discover and recommend texts worth reading.

The start of the closed beta has been… let’s say… surprisingly successful. A lot of feedback has been contributed, most of which was positive – and it took a load off our minds. Thank you. Thanks to everyone who isn’t immediately turning a deaf ear as soon as they hear about a new site on the internet. Thanks to everyone who admires good texts and is happy about being able to discover more of them.

Okay, so much for our first entry. Hello. We are here now. And we can’t wait to get to know you.