What are we actually doing here?

What are we actually doing here?

Well, what’s there to write in the first entry of a blog that’s part of a project you have been working on for about a year and that embeds so many ideas, opinions and topics that you don’t know where to start? QUOTE.fm is currently in its closed beta phase. Contrary...

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Find and read stories worth your time.

QUOTE.fm is the best way to discover, read, collect, recommend, curate, and discuss written stories. Stories worth your time.

Find, Follow & Discover

Follow people to see what stories they’re recommending. Engage in discussions and share your opinion on something or switch to Discover to see what’s popular right now.    

Wherever you are

QUOTE.fm works great on the web and on the iPad. No matter where you are, you’re able to find, discover, share and send stories for later reading to QUOTE.fm. Articles saved on your iPad are even available when you’re not connected to the internet. Isn’t that great?


Social Reading

QUOTE.fm Read lets you discover reading in a whole new way. You’re used to read something not knowing what your friends or others think about the article. What if their opinions are just a swipe away?


Featured on

We’re always happy if someone writes something about us. No matter if it’s a single tweet or a long form article. Thank you for your support.