In an online store, it can be a tough job to keep up with the leads, prospects, and customers. An automated sales system can make this task easy. It helps to convert lead into actual customers and increase the lifetime value of those customers through a planned and systematic strategy. You can use this system according to your needs. The local supplements company is finding it hard to bid this system as this automated sales system is very effective in the job it performs.


How does automated sales system work?

There are two aspects of the automated sales system. First of all, it takes the lead through a buying process and converts them into actual customers. Second. It increases the lifetime value of an actual customer by maintaining good relationships with them and offering them other related products and services. Email marketing and database marketing are incorporated into these systems. It uses email as the means of communication with the leads, prospects, and the actual customers. Emails are sent to them based on various criteria; for example, which links they click, particular dates, the products they are interested in, etc. The price of this service varies from $10/month to $1,000/month. After customers make a purchase, you need to maintain a relationship with the customers so that they buy from you again. This process is called retargeting where you follow the leads or customers depending on how they interact with the business. The email you send to them must contain two things: value and action. The content you send to them must contain value. It must be either informative or entertaining. It must be something that they need. Action content lets customers take certain action; for example, click an ad, sign up, or buy something, etc.


Strategies that can help local supplements company compete

Some local markets have achieved great success online recently. They have managed to compete successfully with the big companies that are using automated sales system. There are some tools available that can help the local supplementary market to trigger automated processes online just like the automated sales system. Here are five solutions that you can add to your toolbox.


Retargeting with AdRoll

Imagine being able to target people who are searching for terms like “find health supplement ingredients“? How targeted would that be for your business? When you visit a site, you must have noticed that ad of companies that appear on many sites. When you click on the ad, it will redirect you to their website. This is a very effective strategy and has been a proven technique for the big companies. By using the adRoll platform, you can use this strategy for your company for CPM (cost per thousand) for only $1 to $2.50. There is no minimum budget, and you can go into a long term contract. This application uses cross-platform retargeting which allows them to get hold of customers in news sites, social media, etc. on any device they use.


Cyfe for integrated business intelligence tracking

It is a business intelligence tracking platform allowing users to make custom dashboards with widgets. Using Cyfe, you will be able to monitor the social media, sales, analytics, marketing, etc. This tool pools data from Google, Salesforce, etc. and gives you relevant data in easy-to-read formats. Using Cyfe, local companies can gain insight and use the data various ways. You don’t need to extract data from various sources and find out the meaning of it. This will only cost you $19 per month.


Watson Analytics for getting data insights

This tool helps business owners in decision making. You look at different data and try to find patterns and insights. You can also ask questions. It will give an answer to the common business questions. Local businesses may not interpret data properly. This tool helps them by giving them answers to questions straight away without the need to analyze data.


Developing app with BuildFire

You can use BuildFire to develop an app for your local supplements business. Creating the app is so easy that you won’t need to hire a developer. It provides solutions for increasing web traffic, sending product or service notifications. It gives customers option to purchase directly using this app. You can even create small interactive groups using this app similar to social networks. The basic plan for this app is free, and the premium version will cost $49 a month.


GetResponse for email marketing

GetResponse uses various tools for designing responsive emails. It has an event-triggered email feature. This feature sends out messages with content to subscribers once they click any call to action button on your site. The starting package is $15 per month.

Using these tools, you can get similar benefits that large companies get from using automated sales system. By incorporating these tools into your local supplements company website, you can easily bid the automated sales system.