Crazy Summer Vacation Ideas

Crazy Summer Vacation Ideas

So it’s your last summer before you head off to college to start your preparation for “the real world,” and you want to do something to commemorate it. You could make a scrapbook . . . or document the summer on a video camera . . . or start a journal. Or you could do something crazy. Something that will probably make your parents shake their heads. Yes, it’s something that you may come to regret a little bit later. But probably not. And it has the potential to commemorate a summer that you’ll never forget. Are you looking for some crazy ideas for this summer? Here are a few.

One option that seems to be a consistently popular one is to do something that will scare you out of your mind. Maybe it’s sky diving. Or bungee jumping. Or even horizontal bungee jumping. Whatever it is, it’ll probably scare the crap out of you. And it’ll be awesome.

A lot of people combine doing something dangerous with the second crazy idea—going really far away. Take a road trip, or jump a plane to another country. Wherever you go, get to somewhere you’ve never been before. Hang out on a beach in Mexico, or head to the Swiss Alps. Maybe you can find a way to make it to Japan. If doing this seems really difficult, and slightly unrealistic, you’re just not trying hard enough! If there’s a will, there’s a way. (Oh, and don’t watch any of those movies that start out with recent high school or college grads going on a road trip that turns into a fight for their lives before you go. Not a good idea.)

Another good way to commemorate your last summer is with some sort of body modification. Get a new piercing or a tattoo! Piercings are fairly temporary, so I won’t offer much caution on those. But tattoos are permanent. So if you get one, get something cool that you won’t regret in six months. Don’t get a pot leaf, don’t get your boyfriend’s name, don’t get your high school mascot (yeah, it’s been done). A lot of people over-think their tattoos and don’t ever end up getting one. Give it some thought, but if you really want one, go for it! Under no circumstances should you get a piece of flash tattooed. Have your own design done.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. There are thousands of crazy things that you could do to make this summer a great one. It doesn’t have to be something outrageous, either. Many people come up with great ideas that they don’t even have to leave their neighborhood for. Just keep thinking, and you’ll come up with a great idea to commemorate your summer.

Oh, yeah—don’t do any of this stuff behind your parents’ back or without their consent. That’s just stupid.

Unique Adventures

Unique Adventures

Blinding light. As you slowly open your eyes, you feel the gentle breeze fanning your cheeks and notice the horizon slowly revealing its blue and silvery expanse before you. Somewhere nearby, you can hear birds flapping in unison. As you get accustomed to the light, you look sideways and see those birds up close. You are flying! Over the mountain ranges, deserts, and seas. You continue flying until you see land no more but water. Everywhere. A whale suddenly appears, bobbing up and down with your pace. You heed its invitation and plummet down. Splash! As you hit the ocean’s surface. Swoosh! As you continue to dive deeper. Then you see colors, many moving colors of varying sizes. What are they? Schools of fish! Marine life in your face. This is nothing close to what you see in your high-definition TV. Oh no, your TV, which now you remember, you forgot turn off.

WAKE UP! It is only a dream!

Luckily, you can live that dream. In fact, you can encounter more than what your subconscious mind can think of. With unique adventures, dream adventures can be real-life experiences.

Travel up, down, or horizontal and experience adventures that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Read on to get a preview of these unique adventures so you can plan your first experience.



Unreachable Heights

Hot-air balloon may be a common item on the TV but wait until you get yourself into one.

In Albuquerque, the Balloon capital of the world, the temperate weather allows for year-round hot-air balloon rides. But its best if you time your visit in October during the Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and you’ll see hundreds of balloons rising together, their burners glowing the sky in their mass ascensions.

Elsewhere, hot-air balloon rides normally last three to four hours, of which flight time is approximately an hour to an hour and a half, depending on wind conditions. Soar through breath-taking sceneries and stunning panoramic views. Your gentle movement makes sightseeing matchless and thrilling that even the world’s tallest skyscrapers cannot offer.

But if thrill is your game, go microlight flying. See what pilots view from the skies. Microlighting requires flying skills though. You need to undergo about 36 hours of training on air plus on-ground lectures. You also need to take tests to be an eligible flyer. The good thing about microlighting is that owning one is a lot cheaper than owning a private plane. Or, you can rent one. If you want to try something close to microlighting, try paragliding and parasailing.

Now if you’re an astronaut wannabe, or simply a space fanatic, how about a zero-gravity experience? A plane will take you to the skies where, for approximately one-hour flight, you will experience ten parabolic descents, each giving 40 seconds of weightlessness.



Unexplored Depths

Mystified by the underworld? The exotic marine community never fails to fascinate even those who fear the seas. Whether you love water sports or not, discover marine life from the best vantage point, under the sea! Stay in one of the world’s so-called underwater hotels and your yard is the sea.

Some underwater hotels require that you scuba dive. The Jule’s Undersea Lodge in Florida is one. Despite having only two rooms, each equipped with audio-visual and communications gadgets as well as kitchen equipment, its business is thriving. Visitors can enjoy the view from 42-inch round windows as well as from the common room.

As of 2005, there’s only one underwater hotel that does not require scuba diving. This is the Utter Inn in Lake Malaren, Sweden, which has only one room.

For want of more available rooms, reserve in one of the 220 suites of the proposed Hydropolis in Dubai, UAE. In this highly anticipated and ambitious project expected to be completed in 2007, all rooms are to be located in the sea bottom at a depth of 20 meters or 66 feet. With these incomparable accommodations, you can discover vibrant colors below and calming movements of the marine community. Don’t get too hypnotized though or you might end up not sleeping at all!

With the possibilities afforded by architecture and engineering technologies, many underwater resorts with accommodations are being built and are being conceived as of this writing. They promise to give a visual experience of the underworld that is so ancient, using the most advanced technology.

But what if you don’t have such luxury of time and would just like to snatch a few glimpses of the depths?

Try submarine tours. For instance, the Atlantis Submarine Tour offers a fascinating view of Maui’s natural coral reefs, fish and marine life from an air-conditioned and state-of-the-art submarine. It is hailed as the world’s first and most technologically advanced passenger submarine, carrying up to 48 passengers per underwater trip down 130 feet of the ocean. Plus, be mesmerized in a whale-watching journey from ship to shore.

For a more exclusive and more personalized tour, rent a minisub. Most resorts offer submarine instructions and a 30-minute minisub dive that even uncertified divers can try. Also a tool in marine archeology, use this minisub to discover captivating coral reefs and “swim” with exotic fish.


Unseen Surfaces

Ever tried a hotel that goes with the change of the season? The canonical Ice Castle located in Jukkasjarvi in Sweden is one ice castle in the literal sense. One season it’s there, the next season it’s gone; melted, only to be rebuilt with ice and snow the next winter. Catch this novelty accommodation between November and May. It has more than 60 rooms and suites, a bar, reception area, and a chapel where you will be enthralled for everything, except the bed, is made of ice.

Or, experience how our cavemen ancestors lived. There are several cave hotels around the world like the Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy South Australia and the Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon in Guadix, Spain as well those hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey. Some of these hotels have rooms underground.

Furthermore, many ecotourism tours offer the public unusual encounters with the wild. Watch the 1-meter tall emperor penguins warm the single egg nestled under their happy feet in Antarctica while their mates frolic in the ice-cold seas. Or, observe the diverse environments of Africa or the tropics. Take a peek at how animals behave in their natural habitats.

Any of these unique adventures are sure-fire hits to your personal lifetime experiences. Any of these mediums will leave you totally stunned, exceptionally thrilled, and completely satisfied. Well, perhaps not completely satisfied to mean “you’ve had enough”. For you will want to re-live them again. In your dreams and in your conscious state.

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