About quality

About quality

We’ve been listening to your feedback. One thing, which was obvious all along, but came into focus only recently, was that quality should be the main aspect of QUOTE.fm. This means quality regarding the whole site, but particularly in terms of the shared texts. Because QUOTE.fm is not about quotes (yes, even though the name indicates otherwise) but about texts. Texts worth reading. Hence we’ll have to make sure that shared texts are worth being read.


This is not easy – in fact, it’s a pain in the ass – and the only fair and flawless solution would be to have some kind of jury, appointed to vote whether a quote will be displayed or not. It would be amazingly democratic, but also just as amazingly slow and… to be fair: stupid. There simply is no flawless and practically applicable way to ensure high quality content in a product like QUOTE.fm.




So what’s our solution? A mix of different experiments, and we’ll have to see how they turn out. First of all, the public timeline will be gone. We don’t want to be just another incredibly fast-paced network. A timeline filled by several hundred contributors at once grows pretty fast. Too fast. Nobody needs 200 reading recommendations every three minutes. In the end, you’d be left with a feeling of missing out on something, because you see all the articles, knowing that you’re never going to read them all. So, instead of the public timeline, we’ll introduce “Discover”.
Discover will let you – have a guess – discover texts worth reading, which probably were not in your personal timeline before. So if you’ve read everything your friends recommended to you, or just want to see something else for a change, Discover is going to be the place to be.

Everyone using QUOTE.fm is responsible for the quality of its recommendations, so if you post something, it better be great. Discover will show the greatest text, organized by topics. In case you want to read something about education, you choose education, if you want to read something about technology, you choose technology. If you want to read about technology, education and music, you choose all three and we’ll show you the latest and most liked quotes there are in those fields.

There’s going to be an option to change the language of the texts you’d like to read and, besides the ten to twelve topics we choose, you’ll be able to type in your own topic of choice and we’ll show you the best texts for that one.




That’s all nice, but not nice enough. We want the people using QUOTE.fm to feel like they have a responsibility for its quality. This is why we’re going to introduce curators, people who are curating content for topics. If you think you’re well acquainted with music, you can activate curatorship for “music” in your settings and people will be able to go to your profile and vote for you on this topic. If you’re the one with the most votes at the end of the month, you’re going to be a curator for the following month. Anytime you consider a text to be worth reading and quote it, it has a better chance to show up under Discover -> Music. If you like a quote regarding music, chances are higher for it to show up in Discover. In a nutshell, recommendations of curators are worth a bit more than others. We’ll show who is a curator for each topic during the current month and there will be something like a list showing all topics and the people which have one or more votes for the respective curatorships.

This is our version of a democratic approach. You suggest the curators, who in turn vote for content. Nevertheless, Discover isn’t going to be filled up by curator-votes only, no, all other likes will leave their marks on the results as well. By that, it will be a mix of all kinds of quotes, plus the suggestions of someone who’s well into the topic and has been chosen by other users.

As I said, that’s not a perfect solution, but it’s near perfect, and we’ll try to ensure quality in the future even more. We’re excited and hope you’re with us. This can be so awesome.

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