In the world of business, image is important. Even in the modern age of more people being able to work from home, and a slightly more relaxed approach, being able to look more professional can make a huge difference to your business. Whether we like it or not, people are influenced by psychological aspects of how you conduct yourself. This can mean everything from how you present yourself to how you treat people. In this post we’ve collected some tips on how you can make your business appear pro and build trust.

Have a website on your own domain, with your own email accounts. It is easy to set up a free account on one of the many hosting sites out there, and you can even build a site yourself. It is also easy to set up a free gmail account. These may be the simple route to getting started but if you plan to make some big ripples in your business, it is unlikely that you will be taken seriously with a free domain at a site like wix. They’re good for hobby sites, but professional businesses always look more so with their own domain, preferably on a .com domain.

Brand things. Something we tend to associate with bigger brands, but it is a pretty straightforward process to contact a company like Branded Cup Co and get your own branded crockery, branded cups or other items. Other areas for items you can get branded include uniform, pens and decorative items around your offices. Even if you conduct most of your business on location, this can be very helpful.

Hire an “e-receptionist” business. Even if you can’t always answer calls, someone can. The advent of technology means that you can hire companies to take your calls even when you can’t. Even if it is as simple as taking a message for you to return the call at a later date, it looks far more pro if you have a landline number and someone answering it at all times during business hours. People are far more likely to take this seriously, and if you’re a freelancer or small business a lot of your staff may be busy the majority of the time.

Dress to impress. You may think of wearing a suit and tie when I say this, but it isn’t always the case. Something as simple as matching uniforms or just a smart looking shirt can make all the difference. In the modern world we don’t all need to dress like 1920s stock traders, but looking like you mean business can make all the difference. Even if you work in an industry where you can get dirty, a simple branded polo shirt can be enough to show you are reputable.


There are many ways we can conduct ourselves to show that we aren’t “cowboys” or “jokers”. Being genuine and conducting business in a friendly, polite and smart manner is sometimes all it takes, but little extra sparks like branded equipment can go a long way to letting people know you are a legitimate and trustworthy business.

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